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  • Feb 11th 2016
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They do say that the way to someone’s heart is through their stomach! Delight your Valentine this year with a special breakfast in bed, made with the best ingredient - Love.

We’ve put together a list of woo-worthy recipes to whip up on for your special one this Sunday, 14th February. 

Something Savoury

Eggs Benedict with Salmon and Hollandaise Sauce

Perhaps the most perfect Valentines breakfast, prepare this Eggs Benedict for your loved one in no time.  Why not go the extra mile and really impress them by making your own English muffins from scratch.

Breakfast Corn Cakes

A great choice for those who have gluten free loved ones, these Breakfast Corn Cakes have a sweet crunch and go well partnered with grilled bacon and tomatoes.

Crisp Potato Hash Browns

Good old fashioned golden crisp cakes of potatoes with a secret twist of apple and cheese are amazing. Topped with smoked salmon and crème fraiche, these Crisp Potato Hash Browns will warm any heart!

The Best Scrambled Eggs

Soft yet firm and luscious eggs are possible with this recipe for the Best Scrambled Eggs. Served with fresh homemade Sourdough Bread this simple recipe will never let you down.

Something Sweet

Apple Pancake Stack

A dreamy fluffy Apple Pancake Stack is the perfect way to wake your loved one. For an added Valentine touch, fill a sauce container with the batter and apply to your pan using a heart shape mould. Sit back and enjoy the applause.

Strawberry Ginger Jam

Create your own Strawberry Ginger Jam, perfect for the loved one who has a sweet tooth. Package your jam in a nice jar and make your own personalised label. Your loved one will be reminded how special they are to you every time it’s taken out of the fridge!

Wholegrain Porridge Berry Compote

Looking for something sweet yet healthy? This Wholegrain Porridge with Berry Compote is the perfect breakfast. This creamy wholegrain porridge is made with wholegrain ‘steel cut’ oats and topped with a luscious berry compote and a sprinkle of cinnamon.

Something to Sip

Berry Apple Juice

This super smooth Berry Apple Juice is the perfect breakfast smoothie to wake up to on Valentine’s Day.  The raspberries and strawberries give the juice a lovely pink hue. It’s the drink of love.

Sweet Pomegranate Blend
Mix up your smoothie repertoire with this delicious Sweet Pomegranate Blend. Pomegranate seeds are tasty and super healthy. Serve with some extra seeds on top for an added burst of colour and flavour!

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