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KitchenAid toaster buying guide

Toaster Buying Guide

Design Toaster

Created for the artisanal bread lover Long and wide slots to fit bread and crumpets of a variety of sizes

Select your perfect toasting level with 6 shade settings, and the toaster longer function allows you to add to the toast that little extra. The long slim design is perfect for kitchens with smaller bench space. Available in 2 or 4 slice.

Make it a match made in heaven and pair it with the sleek and modern 1.5L design kettle with dual wall insulation to keep your tea warmer for longer!


Artisan Toaster

Toast a variety of bread types with ease Extra long, extra wide slots for the flexibility to toast a variety of breads

Preparing deliciously golden toast and crumpets is easier than ever with the KitchenAid Artisan 2 slice or 4 slice Toaster. The motorised lift button gently lowers and raises your bread, and the blue LCD display keeps track of your personal settings, so you can enjoy your toast just the way you like it, every morning.

Add the 1.7L Artisan Electric Kettle with variable temperature control settings for the perfect cup of tea. 


Which colour suits you?

Colour is in our DNA! Learn more about our colours and what inspired it. So you can choose a toaster that not only looks good, but a colour that represents your own unique personality and style.
Almond Cream

Almond Cream is inspired by the sweet, rich and airy filling found in tarts, pastries, cakes and croissants. This matte off-white color captures the feeling of a crispy treat during a Sunday brunch

Empire Red

Bold, sweet, tart, and juicy are the cues Empire Red calls upon. This color stands out in any kitchen while complementing your space in a vibrant and striking glossy red.

Onyx Black

Bring the smooth glossy decadence of dark chocolate to your kitchen with Onyx Black. This elegant black is inspired by the silky sheen of a tempered dark chocolate glaze, and it embodies a straightforward staple of kitchen color.

understanding toasters

Find your perfect toaster!

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f you’re not quite sure yet which model is for you, check out some of our frequently asked questions.

What are the dimensions of each toaster?

4 Slice Automatic Toaster KTM423: 21cm (h) x 33cm (w) x 29.2cm (d)

2 Slice Automatic Toaster KMT223: 21cm (h) x 19.7cm (w) x 29.2cm (d)

4 Slice Design Toaster KMT5115: 20cm (h) x 19cm (w) x 40.8cm (d)

2 Slice Design Toaster KMT3115: 20cm (h) x 13.7cm (w) x 40.8cm (d)

Which toasters have a crumpet setting?

Our 2 and 4 slice Artisan toasters feature a crumpet setting, while our 2 and 4 slice Design toaster feature a bagel setting.

What are the differences between the Artisan and Design toasters?

Our design Toaster features a manual lever with high lift functionality which enables you to easily reach small pieces of bread. It has 6 shade settings (so you can easily pick your perfect toasting level) and  5 pre set functions: reheat, defrost, bagel, little longer and cancel. The unique long and slim design makes it perfect for kitchens with smaller bench space. 

Our Artisan Toaster is an automatic toaster, featuring a motorised lift button which gently lowers and raises your bread. It also features a blue LCD display to keep track of settings and an inbuilt audio to let you know when your toast is ready. It has 7 shade settings and 5 pre set functions: keep warm, crumpet, defrost, reheat and cancel. 

Both the Artisan and Design toasters feature extra wide slots, with the Artisan being able to handle thick bread up to 3.8cm and the Design up to 3.2cm. Both toasters also come with a removable crumb tray.

What is the warranty on KitchenAid Toasters?

All of our toasters come with 2 years warranty.
KitchenAid Toasters

Warm up your mornings

Where would breakfast be without toast? If you like warm bagels or the satisfying crunch of toasted bread, our 2 and 4-slice toasters are ready to deliver. Designed with breakfast fans in mind, our toasters feature wide slots, heat sensors, special settings and shade control so your toast is done right every time. Best of all, KitchenAid toasters come in a variety of styles and colors to match your home décor.

Bundle & save

Complete the heart of your home with countertop candy. Match your toaster to your kettle and save!