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Artisan 9 Speed Hand Mixer KHM926
KitchenAid Cordless Hand Mixer | Almond Cream


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Our curated KitchenAid Hand Mixers epitomise precision and performance. Effortless blending, beating, and mixing redefine your culinary experience. Whether you're a baking enthusiast or a cooking maestro, our electric beaters provide versatility and power. Elevate your kitchen with our quality and durable hand-held mixers.The Hand Mixer Buying Guide provides more insights to help you choose the perfect hand mixer for your needs and preferences. Make an informed purchase decision by comparing features and specifications of different hand mixers on the hand mixer comparison page.

What is a hand mixer?

A hand mixer is an electric, handheld mixer convenient for quick tasks and combining smaller batches of ingredients. This versatile kitchen tool typically has two removable beaters and may come with a variety of attachments for flexibility and easy clean up. It’s compact and portable for use and storage.

Hand mixers usually have at least three speed options while some may have ten or more speeds, giving you plenty of power to mix your favorite recipes efficiently. This allows you to gently fold nuts into batter, cream butter and sugar together, or whip up light, fluffy frosting in a variety of containers. KitchenAid offers 2 different hand mixers, a 9 speed hand mixer and a cordless 7 speed hand mixer, for convenient for everyday tasks such as whipping, mixing, kneading and more.

What are hand mixers used for?

You can create a variety of cuisines using a hand mixer. Easily blend icings or vinaigrettes, mix your favorite cookie recipe or scramble eggs in a snap. Hand mixers are best for small to medium-sized batches. Whether you want to mix, whisk, cream or fold, the way you use a hand mixer can make a difference.


Mixing is one of the most common electric hand mixer uses. Simply put, it involves evenly combining two or more ingredients until they become one unified product. Mixing also incorporates air into the batter or dough, which helps achieve optimal volume and texture in finished baked goods. Of the variety of hand beater uses, whipping up light, fluffy mascarpone buttercream frosting for cupcakes is an easy way to make a decadent treat. Especially with the KitchenAid® Flex Edge Beater Accessory designed for faster, more thorough mixing1, while reducing the need to scrape down the sides of the bowl.

1. Compared to metal Turbo Beater II; accessories based on cake batter.


Whipping in baking is a technique that uses a wire whisk to agitate wet ingredients to incorporate air. By adding air into wet ingredients, whipping allows you to control the volume and lightness of your finished baked goods. This method is often used to whisk eggs into stiff peaks for meringue and for whipping cream. Whether you’re baking a layer cake or putting together something savory, a hand mixer can help ensure your finished product is light and airy.


The creaming method adds another dimension to electric beater uses. It usually entails using a low-medium mixer speed to combine butter or fat and sugar together until they are fully incorporated, fluffy and pale. This is often the first step you’ll take when baking cookies or cakes, forming the base for all the other ingredients. Creaming can also refer to softening a solid fat, like cheese, with heavy cream and blending it with other ingredients. Use your hand mixer to make delectable sweet treats such as Tropical Passionfruit Mousse or a savoury appetizer.


Folding is a method of mixing in baking that requires gently mixing a light, airy mixture such as whisked egg whites and sugar into batter, or dry ingredients such as chopped nuts and chocolate or even flour into a thicker, heavier mixture. The goal is to incorporate the two types of mixtures as gently and with as few strokes as possible to avoid over mixing and deflating the air that’s needed for proper baking. Using a slow speed, a hand mixer will help you lightly fold toasted nuts into cookie dough or melted chocolate into meringue.


The process of mashing ingredients together uses a crushing and beating motion that incorporates air to create a light and creamy consistency. A hand mixer is a convenient way to transform an avocado into a delicious spread for toast, cauliflower into a delightfully creamy mash and potatoes into a savory side dish.


To knead dough is to turn a sticky lump of flour, water, yeast, salt, sugar and sometimes a fat like butter, oil or eggs into a smooth ball of dough using a repetitive motion of pushing and pulling over several minutes. This forms the elastic-like strands of gluten that give the bread dough strength and structure and also creates a light and fluffy texture as it bakes. Make great homemade crusty bread with a crisp exterior and soft, chewy interior is a mouth-watering treat at any meal.


The traditional way to shred boneless, skinless chicken or pork is using two forks to pull the meat apart. Instead, let your hand mixer do the work. Use your hand mixer’s whisks or beaters and a deep mixing bowl. Set your mixer on low—the lower speed will keep the meat from splattering out of the bowl—and watch how effortlessly and easily the meat is pulled apart and ready for your recipe.

Are hand mixers good for baking?

Hand mixers are great for baking because their versatility allows for mixing, whisking, whipping and beating all with the same tool. They can gently mix nuts into batter, cream butter and sugar together for cookies, or whip up light, fluffy frosting for cupcakes.

Hand mixers also allow you to mix in large pots or pans and directly in most containers without transferring to a stand mixer bowl. This can help streamline both your creating and cleanup process.

What is the difference between a hand mixer and hand blender?

A hand mixer and hand blender serve different purposes. While a hand mixer primarily combines ingredients using beaters, a hand blender features blades to blend soups, crush nuts, chop produce and puree sauces. It allows you to immerse the blender blades into your ingredients.

Hand blenders are an ideal kitchen tool for tasks that require liquifying, emulsifying and chopping ingredients with a sharp blade. Some hand blenders offer more versatility with a whisk accessory to help with tasks that require aerating or mixing ingredients. Learn more about a hand blender and how they work.