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  • Oct 20th 2020
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There’s nothing like a tasty breakfast smoothie to kick start your day. Breakfast smoothies are easy to make and perfect for an easy breakfast or snack when you want something delicious and nutritious. The beauty of a breakfast smoothie is that you can pack it full of vitamins and nutrients and achieve your daily recommended fruit and vegetable intake in one hit. They are also a great way of encouraging kids to eat more fruits and veggies for a healthy breakfast!

You only need a few ingredients, a blender and you’re ready to go! Pair your favourite fruits with your preferred leafy greens or whether it’s a green smoothie, berry or a tropical smoothie, it’s easy to change it up to try different kinds of fruits and yogurts from greek yoghurt or vanilla to change up the flavour profile of your breakfast smoothie. 

Our new K400 blender is designed to deliver the perfect taste. You can blend whole fruits, fibrous vegetables, and tough ingredients you never thought could blend before. From kale to almonds and more, the K400 blender will power through even the toughest ingredients for smooth and delicious result. 

Explore our delicious, nutrient packed and healthy breakfast smoothie recipe ideas and flavour combinations that are great especially when you’re craving something sweet to jump start your day!

Healthy Morning Smoothies

  • A wonderful dairy-free alternative, this almond milk and berry smoothie is quick and delicious breakfast smoothie that will help you start your day out right. Create your own almond milk and then add your berry flavours. You can strain the almond milk if you want it very smooth, but we prefer to leave a little texture to lock in all the nutrients.
  • This berry smoothie is a delicious pick me up. Frozen berries will create a naturally thickened smoothie and this is a sure favourite for a morning breakfast smoothie. 

Green Smoothie Recipes

  • This green energy smoothie is packed with veggies fruits and much-needed protein. It includes plenty of nutritious ingredients such as kale and banana and is delicious, easy to make and a healthy smoothie to enjoy!
  • Healthy, creamy and delicious, this kale chia smoothie is delicious and a filling green smoothie with chia seeds which gives a good amount of organic energy and antioxidants. Add the chia seeds at the end to keep a little of the texture from the seeds.
  • This grapefruit tea-ni smoothie is nutrient rich and delicious, sweet smoothie made in minutes using freshly squeezed red grapefruit juice. It's quick and easy to make and packed with vitamins and minerals

Healthy Banana Smoothies

  • Our banana pineapple breakfast smoothie is a quick and refreshing smoothie and the perfect way to get extra servings of fruit in your day. You only need pineapple chunks, a banana, almond milk and plain yoghurt.
  • Get your morning off to a healthy breakfast and tasty start with this banana chocolate smoothie, the best smoothie for a creamy, protein rich snack whipped up in a few minutes with the KitchenAid blender.