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  • Jan 12th 2016
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A blender is a benchtop essential for whizzing up breakfast smoothies, creamy chocolate shakes and fresh and fruity cocktails. But don’t stop there. The Kitchenthusiast Blog is jam packed with recipes to help ensure you’re getting the most out of your beloved appliance.  

We’ve put together our top five favourite recipes, beyond smoothies, that can be whizzed up in a breeze in your blender. From breakfast, to lunch, dinner and dessert the below recipe ideas are sure to inspire you.

1. Eggs Benedict with Smoked Salmon and Hollandaise Sauce

Whipping up a hollandaise sauce in your blender is an absolute breeze and much quicker and easier than standing over a hot stove with a saucepan and a whisk. A sensational breakfast treat that’s sure to delight, you’ll wonder why you ever bothered with the traditional method.

Tip: A dollop of this Hollandaise also works really well with grilled fish, such as salmon.

eggs benedict

2. Double Pea Soup

A luscious lunch option, this soup uses both split peas and frozen peas to add to the complexity of the dish. Serve it warm in winter or cold in the summer months. And to give it a bit of added interest, add a dried chipotle pepper in the last five minutes of cooking. This gives the soup a subtle smoky flavour. Just make sure you remove the pepper before blending. 

double pea soup

3. Baked Fish with Thai Pesto

One of our favourite pesto recipes, this one uses Thai flavours such as basil, coriander, mint, ginger and lime for an interesting variation on the traditional version. It’s as simple as placing all the ingredients into the blender jug, whizzing until finely chopped, then adding a steady stream of oil. Apply liberally to firm fish fillets and bake until the fish is cooked. Could not be simpler.  

baked fish

4. Coriander-stuffed Chicken Breasts

Another great quick and easy dinner option, the coriander, olive oil, soy sauce and garlic are combined in the blender jug to form a paste, which is then stuffed beneath the skin of the chicken and baked. Served with a fresh rocket, radish and fetta salad for an easy and super tasty mid-week meal. 

cilantro stuffed chicken breasts

5. Lazy Little Chocolate Puddings

Satisfy your sweet craving with these delicious warm individual chocolate puddings with a soft fudgy centre. Simply melt together the butter, chocolate, maple syrup and orange rind. Then place in the blender jug with the remaining dry ingredients and blend until combined. Bake for 20minutes and serve with cream or ice cream for extra decadence.

chocolate puddings

6. Passionfruit Ripple CheeseCake

This deliciously quick and easy recipe will change the way you think about cheesecake. Cut out individual rounds, or dress and serve whole as a gorgeous dessert at an afternoon tea. Plus the passionfruit can be substituted for other seasonal fruits such as raspberries, blueberries or apple.