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  • Nov 30th 2020
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Vegetarian Christmas mains can be just as exciting as the traditional festive feast. Discover our selection of meat-free mains and favourite vegetarian recipes to serve for Christmas. Choose from veggie tarts, salads, bakes and more!

Cauliflower rice salad with dukkah and yoghurt

Enjoy this fresh and flavourful mediterranean cauliflower rice salad with a light lemony dressing! Use the 5 cup food chopper to make quick prep of your ingredients, especially chopping the cauliflower to and save time.

Spiralized fresh beetroot noodles with ricotta and parsley

Add a twist to your vegetarian christmas with these beetroot noodles and ricotta salad with parsley pesto make for a delicious meat-free meal! The spiraliser attachment is perfect for fresh fruit and vegetable recipes.From zucchini noodles to sweet and savory dishes, the options are endless.

Beetroot and blue cheese salad

A vibrant and colourful beetroot and blue cheese salad, sure to be your new festive favourite with the tang of beetroot and salty creaminess of blue cheese. It's a great entertaining salad as it's light, fresh and perfect for the warmer months and summer bbqs. 

Sweet and spicy sweet potatoes with garlic mayo

These delicious sweet and spicy sweet potatoes with garlic mayo is balanced with the sweetness of the butter and the hint of spices, topped with a wonderful garlic mayo dressing. The potatoes are prepared using the KitchenAid Spiralizer Attachment which is perfect for spiralising vegetables. 

Sweet potato, potato and sage bake

This sage, potato and sweet potato bake recipe is the perfect side dish for entertaining. Best of all: It can be made two days before the main meal. The vegetable sheet cutter attachment creates thin sheets of zucchini, apples, cucumber and other fruits and vegetables. From substituting pasta and wraps with vegetable sheets, to reinventing snacks and sweet dishes, you can reinvent classic meals!

Mushroom, leek & feta frittata 

A combination of earthy yet fresh flavours this mushroom leek and feta frittata is the perfect dish when planning a long-lazy weekend brunch or low-key lunch.

Root vegetable tart tatine

A colourful array of root vegetables consisting of potatoes and carrots, sliced and layered on flaky puff pastry. This root veggie tart tatine is a crowd pleaser and the perfect accompaniment to a wonderful Christmas feast.