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Ice cream has long been a summertime treat the whole family can enjoy. To inspire your creativity we have rounded up our most refreshing and flavoursome ice cream recipes.

Christmas Ice Cream

Impress guests this festive season with a Christmas ice cream full of traditional flavours. Rich and luscious, the dried fruit and nuts add a wonderful texture and the orange liqueur gives it a real kick.



Home Style Vanilla Ice Cream

Once you conquer creating the crowd favourite vanilla ice cream, the flavour possibilities are almost endless. This Home Style Vanilla Ice Cream is perfect in a cone, or as accompaniment to your favourite sweet treat. This recipe is easy to master and includes an option to add your own variations such as chocolate chips or fresh strawberries.

Low Fat Pistachio Yogurt Ice Cream

A low fat option, thanks to the Greek Yogurt base, rather than heavy creams this Pistachio Yogurt Ice Cream is studded with roasted pistachios, adding a welcomed crunch. Serve with fresh seasonal fruit as a healthy summertime dessert.


Ginger & Macadamia Praline Ice Cream

This ice cream bombe offers delicious Aussie flavours for a twist on the traditional summer dessert. With a step-by-step picture guide, it’s very easy to make and thanks to the towering shards of macadamia praline looks very impressive when served to guests.

Green Tea and Jasmine Petal Ice Cream

Green Tea Ice Cream is a very popular flavour in Japan traditionally made with a Matcha powder. Our spectacular Green Tea and Jasmine Petal recipe is easier to produce at home with the use of tea bags steeped in syrup. The addition of jasmine creates a delicate flavour and the creamy texture makes for a refreshing treat.

Chocolate mud ice cream

Chocolate Mud Ice Cream

Chocolate lovers rejoice, this Chocolate Mud Ice Cream recipe is easy to create and will fulfil any sweet craving. Truly decadent, fudgy luscious and impossible to resist, the whole family will enjoy this one.

Lychee Coconut Sorbet

If you prefer less creamy treats then sorbet is the answer. An icy sorbet is the perfect cool down treat on a warm day. Looking for a flavour that is a little exotic and tropical? This Lychee Coconut Sorbet is sure to hit the spot.