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  • Mar 13th 2015
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Coeliac Awareness Week (13-20 March) is an important time to reflect on how important food tolerances are to the way we live our lives. Coeliac disease affects those who are sensitive to gluten, a protein found in wheat, rye, barley and oats. As wheat flour is a common ingredient for much of our daily cooking, finding substitutes or alternative meals that still impress may leave us at a loss. 

5 Great Gluten-free ideas

  1. Barbecues are great for entertaining with gluten free friends and family. There are many gluten free sausages, rissoles and beef patties available. Try our gluten free bbq recipe collection - including our delicious chicken and pork satay sticks
  2. Roasts are another great option for a main course. For your home-made glossy, smooth and thick gravy, rice and potato flour are excellent wheat flour substitutes. Use it in the roux, or mix to a smooth paste with a little water before adding
  3. You can still enjoy cakes, so don't fear. Consider other types of flours that add flavour and a good texture such as rice flour, quinoa flour, buckwheat flour, coconut flour, potato flour and chickpea flour. A combination of three flours with rice flour being the main ingredient is the most common to give the best result
  4. Salads can be so creative and colourful with no end to inspire your creativity. Try our beetroot and blue cheese salad
  5. Check out the gluten free recipes we have available on our website 

For more information on coeliac disease, visit Coeliac Australia.