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  • Oct 15th 2015
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Spiralized fruits and vegetables is a trend that’s well and truly hit. You only have to flick through a foodie magazine, or spend some time scrolling through Instagram to see that colourful ribbons and curls of spiralized fruits and vegetables are taking over in a big way... And they're not going anywhere in a hurry!

Even better still? Spiralized noodles are a gluten-free, health and lifestyle craze that we’re loving! From butternut squash to sweet potato noodles or even a simple zucchini noodle, the opportunities are endless with the spiralizer attachment.

Transforming fresh veggies into spiralized faux-noodles is a gluten-free, grain-free, low carb way to improve your diet. Whilst once you would need to grate or shred your spiralized vegetables by hand, it is now incredibly easy to turn one simple carrot into a cup of delicious looking spiralized ribbons with the KitchenAid Spiralizer attachment.

But it’s the toppings and sauces that really make veggie ‘pasta’ dishes shine. Like with traditional pasta, it’s all about the sauce – whether you choose a rich bolognaise, punchy pesto or lighter lemon chervil pesto, a spiralized base does away with the need for store-bought and is set to change the way you cook and eat.

And why stop there? Just as important as your veggie base and sauce of choice are the garnishes and topping you sprinkle atop your healthy bowl of goodness. Olive oil is a fantastically light option for the warmer months, whilst goat cheese is perfect for those looking to add a touch of something creamy. For the crunch-lovers out there? Pepitas are the perfect finish and add a little extra texture to your dish.

Our favourite veggies to utilise when whipping up your own batch of spiralized noodles? A classic crunchy zucchini is perfect for zucchini noodles (or zoodles, for short!) but you shouldn't be afraid to shake things up and look a little outside the box with whatever your favourite vegetables may be. Sweet potatoes can be utilised for a bold and bright sweet potato noodle, butternut squash can make a perfectly light base for your favourite sauce and beetroot really takes the aesthetics of your spiralized dish to the next level.

Looking for a little inspiration to guide you in your exploration of the perfect fruit or veggie base? Here are some of our favourite recipes to whip up:

Keen to learn more about this incredible attachment, and the world of healthy dishes that it is bound to open for our nutrient-lovers out there? Read more about the KitchenAid Spiralizer Stand Mixer Attachment.

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