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  • Feb 12th 2021
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Lunar New Year is one of the most important holidays of the year, bringing families together over the love of food. As food is one of many things that Chinese and Vietnamese families take pride in, creating a big family feast also known as a "reunion dinner" the night before the New Year is a tradition.

Everyone gathers to spend time together and share their wishes for health, happiness and prosperity in the year ahead. We've curated a delightful menu below that celebrates diverse Asian flavours. From our obsession with dumplings to steamed barramundi, these recipes are the only way to truly celebrate the Lunar New Year without having to pick up the telephone!

Pan fried & steamed pork dumplings


Dumplings are of eaten during every special occasion but the most during Lunar New Year. Dress to impress and say goodbye to the store-bought dumpling wrappers and DIY with our pasta roller attachment and a flavourful pork mixture for dumplings at home. These are a fun and healthy dinner to make any night of the week! These delicious dumplings are simple to prepare at home and a crowd pleaser every time.

Vegetarian spring rolls
Vegetarian spring rolls

Spring rolls are probably the most well-known of Chinese cuisine, eaten during the Spring Festival in Southern China to celebrate the coming of spring. These delicious vegetarian spring rolls are filled with carrots, vermicelli noodles, chinese cabbage and make a great lunch time snack! Serve on the table as a dinner dish, appetizer or snack. It's perfect for vegetarians and food lover alike.

Chicken and sweet corn wontons

Chicken and sweet corn wontons

A wonton is a type of dumpling found in Chinese cuisine. This chicken and sweet corn wonton is recipe features soft chicken, ginger and corn wontons in an aromatic broth. Create your wonton wrappers from scratch with the help of the Stand Mixer and Pasta Roller Attachment.

Steamed barramundi fillets with lime, ginger & shiitake

Steamed Barramundi Fillets with Lime, Ginger & Shiitake

This steamed barrramundi is the perfect accompaniment to a Lunar New Year feast. Steaming is a quick way to cook, without the need for oil, and it keeps food moist and flavoursome. Try this delicious steamed Barra to really impress your guests!