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  • Jun 19th 2015
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Juggling the demands of a recipe to achieve a tasty dish is no easy feat. The discipline the kitchen demands is not for the faint hearted. Between slicing, dicing, stirring and mixing, even just a blink of the eye at the wrong moment can turn your meal into a disaster. To achieve the perfect meal, preparation is key! This is where the KitchenAid ExactSlice™ Food Processor comes in handy.

View our Food Processor in action:

As far as food-prep tools go, the food processor is one of the most practical as it replicates the most sophisticated cutting techniques, completing the majority of the dreaded and timely work by providing full control of slicing, grating, pureeing and even blending.

The KitchenAid Food Processor features ExactSlice Technology and the industry’s first external lever allowing for simple instantaneous adjustments. Easily adjust from thin to thick (1mm to 6mm) slicing by simply sliding the lever from left to right. Uniquely, only one disc is needed for all slicing thickness, thus saving you time since there’s no need to change discs.

Not sure on what mode and speed to use to get the most out of your KitchenAid Food Processor? Here’s our tips for best results from cheese, to chocolate to tofu.


Our favourite Food Processor recipes

Fig Tart: The food processor makes easy work of a buttery short crust tart, exact slicing of fresh figs and the luscious creamy filling in these fig tarts.

Chicken and Pork Satay Sticks: Absolutely delicious with a tangy Malaysian satay flavour.

Jewel Bliss Balls: A delicious combination of fruit, nuts and seeds with the added goodness of raw cocoa made easy with the food processor.

Quinoa Nori Rolls with Japanese Mayonnaise:  Perfectly slice your vegetables with precision and then whip up a tasty Japanese mayonnaise with ease.