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  • Nov 1st 2020
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What is the difference between a food processor and blender?

While food processors and blenders have many similarities, these kitchen appliances serve different purposes. 

A food processor is great for chopping, slicing, shredding, mixing and pureeing everything from cucumbers to tomatoes and cheeses. It can be used for more labour intensive tasks such as mixing dough and includes a variety of blades and discs to provide a wide variety of ingredient shapes and sizes. Cut down your prep time with our range of food processors that make a breeze of slicing, dicing and shredding! Food processing prep work is now easier than ever with our 7 cup or 9 cup food processor which features a simple twist-free design and a sealed work bowl for faster, easier clean up. The blade, discs, and other accessories fit inside the bowl to make storage easy. For everyday use, our 3.5 cup Mini Food Chopper or 5 Cup Food Chopper is ideal for quick and small processing tasks such as dressings, sauces and single serve meals. The easy one touch operation enables you to chop and puree quickly.


A blender is typically better for liquids and is used to create smooth textures for things like smoothies, soups and sauces and dips. Our new K400 blender features a 3-part blending system that easily blends even the toughest ingredients, from kale to almonds and more, with a powerful vortex created by the ribbed jar design, unique asymmetric blade that blends at four distinct angles, and intelli-speed motor control, which senses contents and maintains the optimal speed to power through all ingredients. 

Which is better. Food processor or blender? 

Depending on the purpose, blenders are typically built with features that make them better for making smoothies and soups. In contrast, food processors have a bigger work bowl which makes it easier to add in ingredients and includes a variety of attachments to slice carrots, shred cheese, or mix dough. It’s more suitable at handling thicker things like dough and butter which makes it perfect for mixing cookie and pizza dough. 

Food processor recipes

From salsas, salads to dough for pizza and cookies, save time on prep work to whip up your favourite recipes. This vegetable fritter recipe is perfect for those looking for a snack, lunchbox treat, or light meal. Start cooking this recipe and enjoy delicious vegetables paired with a rich avocado blue cheese dip!

Or try this fresh salsa which is full of bright and colorful mixture of tomatoes, jalapeno, garlic, green onions, red onion, and coriander. All balanced and accented with lime juice and a touch of ground coriander. 

Blender recipes

Breakfast smoothies are easy to make and perfect for an easy breakfast or snack when you want something delicious and nutritious to start your morning. This green energy smoothie is packed with veggies fruits and much-needed protein. It includes plenty of nutritious ingredients such as kale and banana and is delicious and healthy!

For a quick and easy warm soup try this healthy pumpkin soup recipe is easy to prepare. As a fun garnish, top the soup with toasted pepitas and a swirl of sour cream, or toasted sourdough or rye croutons.