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  • Jun 26th 2020
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What and when is Christmas in July

In Australia, where the our cold winter months fall throughout June to August, Christmas in July is the perfect excuse to throw a 'traditional' Christmas celebration to emulate a wintery Christmas that our northern hemisphere friends would get in December. 

Since Christmas occurs in summer here, this celebration takes advantage of cooler winter weather so we can enjoy everything from sweet dishes like egg nog and Christmas pudding to hot roasts! 

Christmas in July Menu: The best recipes 

Let the festivities begin! Our curated menu for hosting Christmas in July down under includes salad starters, roasts and equally important - desserts! Impress your family members with these delicious dishes and festive food. 

For more inspiration and recipe ideas on creating the ultimate Christmas spread, see our Christmas in July recipes here.

Christmas in July: Party ideas & decorations

Native Australian flowers and branches such as Eucalypts as centrepieces are great symbol of the beautiful land we live in and how unique our hot, dry Christmas days can be, plus they smell amazing. Paired with charcoal and white linen, all you need is your showstopping trifle in the centre and a few gold and silver ornaments. 

Christmas in July isn't complete without twinkling fairy lights. Hang a few strands of Christmas lights in your dining room and make the entrance special with a Christmas wreath on your front door.    

Here are a few more easy Christmas in July party ideas to help you bring out the festive spirit to celebrate!

  • Cover empty boxes with Christmas themed wrapping paper and bows and leave it around the house, especially in corner and on tables for a festive themed party. 
  • Create decorative snowballs using styrofoam balls rolled glue then white glitter for the ultimate sparkly effect. Place the snowballs in glass bowls.
  • Impress your guests or family with a sparkling centerpiece with candles. Use any antique dishes that you have for a bright and shining holiday display. 

Create the dishes you love with the right tools!

Whether it's whipping up a family favourite pavlova or spongecake for a Christmas trifle, create it with our best selling KSM160 artisan stand mixer. Or grind fresh meat for your go-to classic pie and slice vegetables for your warm winter bake - our range our range of stand mixer attachments has got you covered!

Cook up a Christmas in July feast with our new everyday utensils! Whether you’re chopping, roasting, sautéing or baking, create the dishes and baked goods you love with the right tools at hand. 

Need inspiration? Create one of our winter warmer recipes here.