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  • Jun 2nd 2014
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Not sure which temperature is best for slow cooked dishes? Here’s a quick guide for the KitchenAid Slow Cooker which has four temperature settings, high, medium, low and keep warm as well as a 24 hour program feature to make meal planning easy day or night.

High – use this setting when a shorter cooking time is desired or for recipes that are typically baked. Hot beverages, broth based soups, applesauce and steamed potatoes are best on this setting.

Medium – use this setting for recipes that require long, slow cooking (6-8 hours) such as split pea & ham soup, dressings/stuffing’s, puddings and pork chops.

Low - use this setting for long, slow cooking recipes to fully develop flavours and tenderise meats (8+ hours). Best for lamb shanks, casseroles, winter squashes and beef roast.

Keep Warm - use this setting to maintain a consistent, food-safe temperature for up to four hours without overcooking.

Here are a few slow cooker recipes to get you inspired.