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  • Dec 10th 2015
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Give a gift that’s made with love this Christmas. Skip the shops, step into the kitchen and get creative with these homemade edible Christmas gifts ideas. Your friends and family will be so appreciative of the time and effort that’s gone into making an edible Christmas gift from scratch! We’ve also included some beautiful gift wrapping inspiration to help ‘put the icing on the cake’.

We’ve also included some beautiful gift wrapping inspiration to help ‘put the icing on the cake’.

Nutty Vanilla Nougat

Go gourmet! This recipe is a tasty gift idea for a delicious traditional confectionary packed with a combination of pistachios, crunchy almonds and smooth vanilla and honey flavours. Add a hint of glaced ginger for a spicy twist!

View the Nutty Vanilla Nougat recipe.

KitchenAid nutty vanilla nougat

Strawberry and Ginger Jam

Summer has arrived and with it comes an abundance of beautiful summer fruits. Make the most of the glut and whip-up a few batches of fresh berry jam. Try this quick and easy recipe for our sweet and spicy strawberry and ginger jam. Serve it in a fashionable jar to transform a simple idea into something special.

Learn how to make Strawberry and Ginger Jam.

strawberry jam

Jewel Bliss Balls

Have a health conscious friend? Spoil them with this delicious combination of fruit, nuts and seeds with the added goodness of raw cocoa. A little mouthful of bliss without any guilt! If you are looking for the most creative edible Christmas gift, definitely try this one! 

View the Jewel Bliss Balls recipe.

Jewel Bliss Balls

Chewy Coconut Macaroons

Crunchy on the outside and chewy in the middle, sweet and delicious coconut macaroons are hard to resist. Gifting a batch of these beauties is a great way to wow your loved ones.

See the recipe for these delicious Chewy Coconut Macaroons.

Chewy coconut macaroons

Stained Glass Biscuits

Have some fun with these Christmas shaped biscuits, bursting with colour and flavour, they’re a pretty treat the whole family will love. Hang them on your Christmas tree as decorations before crunching into the delicious buttery baked goods, bursting with flavours of cinnamon, ginger and maple syrup.

View the Stained Glass Christmas Biscuits recipe.

stained glass christmas tree biscuits

Rum Balls

If you’ve got a rum ball lover in the family, then this recipe is for you. As one of the seasons classic treats, rum balls make an ideal edible Christmas gift that anyone would love to receive. Dense and moreish, the sweet coco and vanilla extract structure the flavours, and the toasted hazelnut and coconut topping add divine texture.

See the Rum Balls recipe here.

Rum balls

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