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  • Sep 5th 2017
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Take the intimidation out of making cold brew coffee, with these easy steps from Kristin Marr of Live Simply. Cold brew produces a smoother, more full-bodied coffee concentrate than methods which use heat to extract flavour. Use the concentrate in a number of ways to mix up the way you drink your coffee!

To make your own cold brew, you’ll need 250 grams of coarsely ground coffee. I recommend grinding your own beans using the KitchenAid® Burr Grinder.


Add the coffee grounds to the Stainless Steel Steeper inside the KitchenAid® Cold Brew Coffee Maker.

Pour 1 litre of cold water over the grounds in a circular motion. Allow the grounds to absorb the water and then add an additional 25 millitres of water. You’ll end up with a total of 1.25 litres of water.

Using a spoon, press the coffee grounds down so they’re fully submerged in the water. Place the Cold Brew Coffee Maker in the refrigerator and allow the grounds to steep in the water for 12-24 hours. After brewing, remove the steeper from the coffee (allowing any coffee to drip out of the grounds) and toss the grounds (or compost them).


Dilute with water or your choice of milk before serving.


Recommended ratio of coffee to water/milk is 1:3, 60ml of coffee concentrate to 180ml of milk or water.

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