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  • Apr 24th 2020
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Tell us a bit about yourself
I’m a cook, teacher, author of two cookbooks and a mother to gorgeous little Haruki and Yukito. My food celebrates simple ingredients, seasonal produce and the joys of coming together at the table.

As a mum, how do you balance motherhood and self care?
Taking care of myself is as important as taking care of the boys. I make sure I set aside time in the day to do things for myself. It could be going for a walk, calling a friend or even cooking, since it’s something I find very relaxing.

What's your favourite recipe to whip up for the kids?
I love making banana bread for Haruki, and us too really. It’s really quick to prepare and we always have some bananas in the fruit bowl which need to be used up. It’s a lovely treat to have for afternoon tea or tucked into Haruki’s lunch box for kindergarten.  

What’s your most cherished cooking memory of you and your Mum?
I have really fond memories of baking with my mum. I can remember standing on a little stool next to her helping her to cream the butter and sugar and add in all of the ingredients. She always let me lick the beaters!

What’s your Mum’s favourite passed down recipe and why?
My favourite recipe that my mum has passed down would have to be a Maltese fish soup that my mum made a lot for us as kids. Her mother taught her how to make it and now I make it for my family which feels very special.

What's your favourite KitchenAid product to use and why?
I can’t go past my KitchenAid stand mixer. I use it almost every day to make cakes, meringues, pizza dough, focaccia, dough for gyoza and the list goes on. It never fails me and always gives me a great result, I truly love it so much!