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  • Sep 23rd 2020
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Tell us a bit about yourself

I am the head chef at Icebergs Dining Room and Bar. I am young but I started working in kitchens and left home at a very young age to start an apprenticeship. I have a huge love for native produce, small growers & producers. If I am not in the kitchen you will generally find me with my three rescue dogs and amazing wife or out in the garden.  Eventually I want to move back to the country and start to pioneer regional restaurants around Australia. There’s a lot to be said for people that are making that model work right now and to cook with what is right at your front door.

Hooray it’s Spring! What’s your favourite dish to whip up on a warm day?

Simple salads or sandwhiches with whatever is around. Leftover meat, lots of herbs, Fresh veggies & Condiments. All the condiments.

What’s your favourite cheese and why?

In Spring Ricotta or Mozzarella, they are both so light and versatile. Always Aussie! I also love the C2 unpasteurized from Bruny Island

Favourite dish to make for loved ones?

Anything from the ocean. I feel people in general do not eat enough good fish. A whole baked fish like Murray Cod or Coral trout can be such a win. A good crudo plate is always appreciated too.

Go-to meal after a long day at work?

Roast Chicken and Vegetables. Probably the most common meal eaten in my house as it’s just so simple.

Sweets or savoury?

Sweets, I have a horrible sweet tooth.

Top 3 tips for someone who is aspiring to become a chef?

  • Commitment. If you want it bad enough don’t let anything get in your way. Use every negative to push you more.
  • Never be afraid of being shit. It’s a amazing humbling experience to constantly go to a new kitchen and be the worst at something again. It will teach you so much.
  • Be genuine. It goes a long way, if you are genuine and have a good attitude all the rest can be taught if you want to succeed badly enough.

What’s your favourite KitchenAid product?

The obvious answer is the mixer but to be honest I love all the pasta attachments, they make life so easy. Also the mincer attachment its perfect for utilizing waste. Making XO sauce with Charcuterie trim.