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  • Feb 16th 2016
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  • 8 kiwi fruits
  • 6 passionfruits
  • 1½ cups of sugar
  • Juice of 1 lemon


  1. Wash and peel the kiwi fruit. Insert the ‘MultiBlade’ into the bowl of the KitchenAid Cook Processor and add the kiwi fruit. Close the lid with the measuring cup removed. Press Pulse for a few seconds until kiwi fruits are chopped finely.
  2. Open lid, replace the ‘MultiBlade’ with the StirAssist and add all remaining ingredients. Scrape down edges and close lid again. Select BOILP1 and press Start to confirm.
  3. In the meantime sterilise your jars by washing them in hot soapy water and placing into an oven at 100C. or just put in the dishwasher, wash and leave in there until ready to use. Also wash your lids.
  4. Once the jam is ready, fill your jars leaving 1-2cm of headspace, then screw on the lids tightly with hands. Store in a cool dark place for up to 3 months.


  • Jam can also be placed straight into an airtight container, let cool, then kept in the fridge.
  • This is quite a tart tasting jam. If you prefer it sweeter, add another half a cup of sugar.
  • You can also choose to add the kiwi skin if you prefer.