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  • Apr 22nd 2020
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Healthy freezer meals

Pumpkin soup

The perfect recipe in the lead up with winter where a warming soup is always welcomed! This will be a winner with the family, and don’t forget as a great little add on, top the soup with toasted pepitas and a swirl of sour cream, or toasted sourdough or rye croutons. Yum!

Simple chicken soup with zucchini noodles

One of our favourites! Chicken soup is so easy to make and even easier to keep in batches in your freezer. Having chicken soup in the freezer is the perfect lifesaver whenever you need to add a punch of flavour to your meals. We’ve taken a little twist on your normal noodle soup by replacing it with zucchini noodles - we promise it’s delicious!

Healthy freezable snacks

Jewel bliss balls

Have you ever had a sugar craving that has just popped up out of nowhere and don’t want to have the standard chocolate bar? Our jewel bliss balls are perfect for snacking and even better that they’re healthy - made from yummy wholesome ingredients. The recipe makes a generous serve of 25, so perfect for the freezer if you know you can’t get through them all (or have to force yourself to portion control)!

Mediterranean falafel

Perfect for a light lunch with pita bread or as an appetiser before a feast, our mediterranean falafels are delicious, full of flavour and juicy! If you prefer to avoid the bread and want something even lighter, opt for a fresh salad with your mediterranean falafel. Don’t forget to freeze any leftovers for next time - your future you will thank yourself.

Family freezer meals

Moroccan simmered meatballs with zucchini

Who doesn’t love meatballs? It’s definitely a favourite with the kids and with the sauce so delicious, the kids won’t notice the vegetables!

Pizza dough

Something super easy and so versatile to create with your beloved stand mixer. Homemade pizza is great for the days when you have lots of leftover bits and pieces in the fridge and no better way to ensure they don’t go to waste than to use them for a homemade pizza party at home! Best of all, everyone can personalise and make their own pizza just how they prefer!

If you’re after a gluten free version, check out our gluten free pizza dough recipe here

Tips on freezing food

Before you run off and create one of the tasty recipes above, we’ve provided a few tips around freezing your foods:

  1. Wait until the food has entirely cooled down - it could cause other foods in the freezer to melt as it will adjust the temperature of your freezer.

  2. Be sure to wrap your food in airtight containers to avoid freezer burn. Note: freezer food is perfectly safe to eat, however, you may notice a slight change in texture or taste.

  3. Freeze your food in realistic portions - you don’t want to run into the issue of having to defrost soup enough for the whole family if you only need one serve.

  4. Don’t forget to label your foods so you know exactly what is in the container, and the date.