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  • Nov 10th 2015
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Walking down the fruit and vegetable isle at this time of year is nothing but a pleasure. Summer fruits are in abundance and the intoxicating aromas of mango, strawberries and peaches fill the air.

Dishes become light and uncomplicated at this time of year and there’s nothing more satisfying at the end of a meal than a big bowl of freshly prepared fruit salad placed in the middle of the table for everyone to share.

While it’s nice to keep things simple, we like to mix things up a bit! So why not impress your guests with one of these great tips for fancying up your fruit salad. 

  1. Add a few splashes of an amazing, homemade syrup.
    Mix equal parts sugar and water in a saucepan and heat gently until the sugar is dissolved. Now get creative. Add a few slices of ginger, a bunch of mint and a few pieces of lemon rind. Leave to infuse for a few hours until cool. Remove the ginger, mint and lemon and refrigerate until required. Make a fruit salad with peaches, mango, strawberries, blueberries and raspberries. Add a few tablespoons of the syrup, being careful not to ‘drown’ the fruit, just before serving. The mint, ginger and lemon should complement the fruits beautifully.
  2. Add a small bunch of micro herbs, such as basil.
    Basil goes surprisingly well with fruit. The aromatic herb, with scents of pepper, anise and mint adds a sweet and savoury element to your fruit salad. Your guests are sure to be surprised and delighted.
  3. Add a savoury elements such as fetta or goats cheese.
    Put a platter of sliced watermelon in front of a bunch of kids during summer and it will be gone in moments. To add a decidedly adult element to this simple pleasure dollop with a creamy goats cheese or crumble over a sharp fetta. A drizzle of honey and a splatter of mint leaves really make this simple dish sing.
  4. Go tropo!
    Pineapple, mango, rambutan, papaya and gooseberry make for a deliciously fresh and exotic fruit salad medley. A little bit of freshly shaved coconut sprinkled on top and each delicious mouthful will take you to the white sandy beaches and lapping blue ocean of Fiji or Tahiti.  
  5. Make an adults only version by adding a dash of alcohol.
    Fruit and your favourite alcohol can be a match made in heaven. Think strawberries and champagne, oranges and cognac or raspberries and Chambord. Make your fruit salad an adults only affair by adding a few dashes of your favourite bubbles or liquor to the chopped fruit. With a scoop of homemade vanilla ice cream and a shaving of dark chocolate this simple dessert is sure to keep the crowd happy!