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  • Apr 24th 2020
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  1. Tell us a bit about yourself
    I am a workaholic because I love what I do. Would you believe I even bake on the weekends at home? I own Savour Chocolate & Patisserie School which I opened in 2002. I have published two cookbooks and I have my own television show The Chocolate Queen. I am a world champion in chocolate making and I have won a gold medal in the pastry Olympics. I love developing new cakes and creations that people can recreate.

  2. As a mum, how do you balance motherhood and self care?
    It is always tricky to balance being a mum and working full time, plus some. I try to start my day as early as possible so that I can get home on time. When I am home, I am playing tiggy and Mario Kart with my son and generally acting like a child myself. I probably neglect the self-care part — it is always a juggle.

  3. What's your favourite recipe to whip up for the kids?
    I am blessed with a son who will eat anything and is often my chief taste tester. When people ask him what his favourite thing that I make is, he sadly says granola which is disappointing but true!

  4. What’s your most cherished cooking memory of you and your Mum?
    I started making cakes and selling them from the age of 12. I went to cake-decorating lessons and my mum used to sit with me as I was too shy to go by myself. She has always encouraged and supported me in every way in the kitchen — inspiring me to choose it as a career.

  5. What’s your Mum’s favourite passed down recipe and why?
    My mum, being of Scottish heritage, made the best Scottish shortbread passed down by her mum. She made it in a wheel with the wedges marked out so you could just snap a piece off. It never lasted long.

  6. What's your favourite KitchenAid product to use and why?
    So many to choose from! Although I’m loving the new sifter and scale attachment. It saves having to remove the bowl from the mixer to sieve in the dry ingredients. It’s a slow and light application of dry ingredients which won't knock the air out of your batter.