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  • Aug 6th 2020
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Which restaurant / cafe are you from?

Ethel food store, Brunswick heads

What inspired you to create your 'flavours of the world' dish?

A love of bread and all things Italian, oh and because they’re delicious! 

Go-to meal after a long day at work?

Cavatelli with sausage Ragu

What's your favourite dish to whip up for loved ones?

A large pile of roasted quails, simply dressed watercress, boiled carrots with butter and plenty of good red wine

What’s your guilty pleasure?

Cadbury fruit & nut chocolate and a glass of port

We know, for the time being we are no longer able to travel due to Covid, however if you could, what would be your destination of choice and why? Sicily, no doubt about it. I love the food, the wine, the people and the history. To me it’s absolute paradise