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  • Nov 19th 2014
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A Hinge Pin adjustment may be required on your stand mixer if the hinge pin is sticking out to one side of the mixer, the stand mixer head wobbles, or the beater may be hitting the base of the bowl.


  • Use the tilt head lever to ensure the mixer head is locked down before inverting the mixer then loosen the small grub screw underneath the mixer base, inside the pedestal.


  • Turn the mixer upright again - then carefully push or tap (cover with a towel first) the hinge pin back into position.
  • Ensure the tilt head is locked before inverting the mixer again then retighten the small grub screw underneath the mixer base, inside the pedestal. This will now hold the hinge pin tightly into position.
  • Recheck the beater to bowl clearance, to ensure the beater does not hit the bowl. Instructions on how to adjust the beater to bowl clearance are listed in your KitchenAid Mixer User Care Guide or also listed below:
    • Unplug the mixer from the electrical wall socket
    • Put the flat beater and bowl onto mixer
    • Put the mixer head down, slide an envelope or folded piece of paper between the beater and the bowl. The beater should not be touching the bottom of the bowl. The correct clearance is the thickness of the two pieces of paper.
    • If the beater is too high, there is too much space between bowl and beater, you need to lower the beater.
    • If you can’t slide the paper under the beater or it is too tight, you will need to raise the beater.
    • To adjust the height of the beater: lift the head up, you should see a rectangle hole with a flat head screw.
    • Turn the screw counter clockwise or left to raise the beater.
    • Turn the screw clockwise or right to lower the beater.
    • Each time only turn the screw about a ¼ turn at a time and test again with the paper.
    • You may need to adjust the screw a number of times, or you may only need to turn the screw slightly to get it to exactly the right height.
    • If the head height is too low, the beater will touch the bottom of the bowl and wear the paint on the tip of the beater.
    • If the head height is too high, not all the mixture will combine as some will be left in the bottom of the bowl, below the beaters.
    • The mixer head height also affects the mixer head locking mechanism. If you mixer head will not lock, try this process.
  • Although the head height is correct when it leaves our warehouse there may have been some movement during transit.
  • Throughout the life of the mixer, the height may need to be adjusted as it may alter with normal use of the mixer.
  • Should you require further assistance, please feel free to contact our customer service team