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  • Mar 6th 2015
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Many enjoy indulging in a cup of tea first thing in the morning to jumpstart their day, others prefer a late afternoon pick-me-up or a cup just before bed. Then there are those who drink tea morning, afternoon and night, as well as everywhere in between!

With countless tea leaf varieties, there’s a flavour to tickle anyone’s fancy, and brewing tea kettles enables you to elevate your at-home tea experience.

The act of sharing a warm drink in good company is a comforting custom. Friends enjoy meeting in a café to savour a cup of tea and a small bite together, or they may opt to partake in a more formal afternoon tea ritual.

With your kettle in hand, here are some tips to make the perfect cup of tea. 

The perfect cup of tea

Tips to keep in mind when brewing:

  • Once you place the tea bag in the cup, leave it there to steep. Don’t touch it, squeeze it, drip it or do anything to it. Just let it sit.
  • Steep the tea for at least three minutes…no less!
  • When you’re done steeping, remove the tea bag…don’t let it sit at the bottom of the cup.
  • If you take milk with your tea, always add milk to the tea and never the reverse, otherwise the tea won’t brew properly or get its signature “tea” colour. Also, don’t add milk until you remove the tea bag.
  • If you’re making loose leaf tea and you like your tea strong, don’t let it steep longer; just add more tea leaves.


Finding the right kettle


KitchenAid Artisan 1.25L Electric Kettle


Prepare boiling water in an appliance that oozes style and sophistication with the KitchenAid Artisan 1.25L Electric Kettle. Unpretentious, elegant and simple to use, this dome style kettle boasts an LED indicator light, removable lid for easy fill and a removable limescale/mesh filter which traps scale deposits for cleaner water. Available in Empire Red, Onyx Black and Stainless Steel.


KitchenAid Stovetop 1.9L Kettle


This retro style kettle, quickly prepares seasonal drinks, delicious soups or hot cereals in style. The beauty of this timeless KitchenAid Stovetop Kettle is complemented with its great functionality. The thumb-press spout makes for easy pouring and the eloquent whistle lets you know when your kettle has reached boiling.  Available in Empire Red and Onyx Black.


KitchenAid 1.7L Kettle with temperature control


Introducing the perfect complement to the KitchenAid range of quality kitchenware. Expect exceptional performance thanks to the variable temperature settings which includes six options to choose from ensuring you have the perfect temperature for your beverage. The Keep Warm Function maintains water at your desired temperature for up to 30 minutes and the digital temperature display lets you view the water temperature at a glance and easily adjust. Available in Almond Cream, Empire Red, Onyx Black, Medallion Silver and Stainless Steel.


KitchenAid Pro Line 1.5L Electric Kettle


Built for speed, this 1.5L Electric Kettle quietly boils water in minutes. The variable temperature control allows you to select the exact temperature you desire (from 50C to 100C) and the dual wall construction provides insulation to help keep the water temperature hotter, longer while keeping the outside of the kettle cool to the touch. Available in Frosted Pearl and Candy Apple Red.


Create the ultimate breakfast set by matching a stylish KitchenAid toaster with an elegant KitchenAid Kettle; across the range there are over 20 toaster and kettle combinations available. Plus with a broad range of coffee brewers, it’s easy to find your perfect match to suit your kitchen and your style.

Find out more about the KitchenAid range of kettles.

Happy brewing!