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  • Feb 18th 2015
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Nothing can show your true artisan skills more than baking your own bread and creating your own pastries.

Here there are no short-cuts or ways to mask errors. It is all a matter of details. A delicious dessert is the pinnacle of many gastronomic experiences. You can only excel in this when you have the right tools, like the Stand Mixer, which is an acknowledged master tool for your culinary master work. 

The flat beater is the real workhorse of your Stand Mixer. It will tackle any job which does not require the specific actions of whisking or kneading. The flat beater is great for creaming cake and biscuit batters but will also mash vegetables or whip up dips, flavoured butters and pastry for pies or tarts.

As with the wire whisk, start on the lowest speed and then gradually build up to the required setting. This reduces splashing, particularly when there is a lot of liquid involved.

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