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  • Apr 8th 2015
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To celebrate World Health Day, these five healthy substitutes to more traditional ingredients will help you onto a straighter path to good health.

Whole wheat flour for white flour:
We are all so used to using white flour, but whole wheat flour packs a healthier punch and can add a nice new flavour to old baking favourites. It can also add a whole new dimension of nutrients and texture. Because whole wheat includes the outer shell of the grain there’s a boost of fibre, which improves digestion and can even lower the risk of diabetes and heart disease.

Vanilla for sugar:
We’re all looking to lower our sugar in-take, but here’s something you may not have thought about. You can cut sugar in half by adding a teaspoon of vanilla as a replacement. It can give just as much flavor with significantly fewer calories. Just by taking out one cup of sugar, you can cut your calorie count by 400. You can't substitute this one in equal ratios, but next time you're enjoying a biscuit baking splurge, try cutting 2 tablespoons of sugar and adding an extra 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla extract.

Meringue for frosting:
Here’s a creative option! Made from just egg whites and sugar, meringue can be a great fat-free substitution for traditional frosting. And for even a lovelier flavour, try torching it. Lightly charring the edges of the meringue can add a nice caramelized flavour (Not to mention a lovely visual effect!)

Mashed and steamed cauliflower for potatoes:
Can you believe that steamed and mashed cauliflower has almost exactly the same taste and texture as mashed potatoes?! Slash both calories and carbs with this simple switch. This is great for your next shepherd’s pie.

Rolled oats for breadcrumbs:
Your easy week day recipe of schnitzel or fish and chips will never be the same again and you’ll love the new crunch with this easy substitute. While breadcrumbs can pack extra sodium, using rolled oats seasoned with herbs is a great way to sneak another whole grain into any meal.

Two egg whites for one whole egg:
We love our eggs, but if you feel like cutting back due to the cholesterol content, you can substitute one whole egg for two egg whites. Egg whites are a low-calorie, fat free food and is only 17 calories. The egg white is also packed full of good vitamins like folate and calcium.