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At KitchenAid we understand that we have a responsibility to reduce our ecological footprint to help preserve the environment for generations to come.

We are committed to a more sustainable approach to how we manufacture, package and provide products to our customers.


Recycling our packaging: All soft plastic and styrofoam that enters our warehouse is recycled. We have reduced waste to landfill by 29% in our first year! Woohoo!

We are helping to build houses with recycled materials: In conjunction with Hunter Pod's, our excess polystyrene is broken down into foam blocks that are used in the foundation process of building a house. 

Soft black plastic is no more: Commonly used as a restraint method in freight, we no longer use soft black plastic as it cannot be easily recycled and often ends up in landfill. Alongside our delivery partner we are one of the first business to action this in Australia.

We are working hard to make our office sustainable too: We have switched to sustainable paper in our office and have adopted improved processes to ensure that we only print where necessary. Recycling bins are commonplace around our office.

How to recycle and reuse your KitchenAid packaging and electrical appliances?

Foam beads: The foam beads in your box are biodegradable and break down in water. They can be put into your green bin or compost.

Polystyrene: Unfortunately polystyrene is difficult to recycle. Check with your local council if there are companies that can reuse the product again. Polystyrene will have to be placed in your general waste bin - please ensure this is not put in your recycling bin as it will contaminate the bin and the entire bin load will be sent to general waste.

Cardboard box: Pop this in your recycling bin.

Electrical appliances: Have old appliances that no longer function? Planet Ark have compiled a comprehensive list of recycling locations for you to drop off your old appliances. Visit the Planet Ark website here for appliance recycling locations near you.

Together we can make a difference!


Every little bit helps when it comes to the future of our planet. How many of these things are you doing already?