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Twelix Pyrolytic Oven 60cm
Twelix Pyrolytic Oven 60cm
Twelix Pyrolytic Oven 60cm

KitchenAid has created the first Stainless Steel collection: elegant and stylish pure stainless steel, brushed for a unique, warm effect. Featuring PrintShield™ technology that preserves the beauty of this appliance by warding off fingerprints. Professional performance, iconic design and the artisan quality you are accustomed to.


The KitchenAid Twelix oven combines 2 different cooking methods: standard convection and steam-assisted. The KitchenAid KOTSP 60600 multifunction oven offers 28 cooking modes:

  • 11 Professional cooking functions: Bakery (bread, pizza, savoury cake, baguette) and Pastry (choux pastry, croissant, sponge cake, plum cake, short pastry)

  • 9 Special functions: Eco forced air, Defrosting, Keep warm (65°C), Yoghurt prep (50°C), Rising (40°C), Slow cooking meat or fish

  • 8 Traditional functions: Conventional, Fast Preheating, Forced Air, Grill, Convection Bake, Turbo Grill, Tweli Grill and Favourites.


Its extra-large 73-litre cavity provides 5 levels for cooking dishes. With this 60 cm multifunction oven you can place dishes on 5 levels for evenly-cooked food that is perfectly golden brown.


The Anti-Fingerprint Stainless Steel helps prevent fingerprints, and makes your oven easier to clean.

The LCD display features a touch control for programming and setting the cooking temperature.


This oven also comes with a Food temperature probe. The core temperature of the food will be constantly visible on the LCD display of the oven; select the desired temperature and your KitchenAid oven will maintain the temperature with absolute precision to cook, for example, a perfect “pink inside” roast beef.


This A+ energy rated oven is equipped with a telescopic guide to make it easy to inspect and taste the dishes during cooking. Featuring the Soft-Close system so the door closes in one smooth, quiet movement.


This oven also includes the pyrolytic function. Select this automatic mode for easy oven cleaning.

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