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Multifunction Pyrolytic Pro Oven 60cm

Multifunction Pyrolytic Pro Oven 60cm

Multifunction Pyrolytic Pro Oven 60cm


AU $2,999.00

Multifunction Pyrolytic Pro Oven 60cm

The KitchenAid KOLSP 60600 multifunction oven offers a wide range of functions and features to create truly professional cuisine in your own home.


It has professional functions that use intelligent algorithms to replicate the techniques of top chefs and determine which heating elements to use, when to use the fan and at which temperature to cook specific recipes. This means 29 cooking modes:

  • 16 Professional functions for: Bakery (bread, pizza, savoury cake, baguette), Pastry (choux pastry, croissant, sponge cake, plum cake, short pastry) and Roasting (veal, pork, roast beef rare, roast beef medium, roast chicken, roast turkey)

  • 6 Special functions (Eco forced air, Defrosting, Keep warm (65°C), Yoghurt prep (50°C), Rising (40°C) and Slow cooking meat or fish)

  • 7 Traditional functions (Conventional, Fast Preheating, Forced Air, Grill, Convection Bake, Turbo Grill and Favourites).


Its extra-large 73-litre cavity provides 5 levels for cooking dishes. With this A+ oven you can place dishes on three levels for evenly-cooked, perfectly golden brown food.


It is equipped with a special temperature probe connected to the oven display so you can check the internal temperature of the food during cooking. Program the oven to switch off automatically when the internal temperature of the food reaches the preset level. Featuring the Soft-Close system so the door closes in one smooth, quiet movement.


With an easy-to-clean stainless steel finish and user-friendly blue digital display with touch control. Plus, a turnspit, 1-level telescopic guide makes it easy to inspect and taste the dishes during cooking, as well as a ventilated quadruple-glazed full-glass door that keeps the outside cool during cooking and cleaning cycles.


This oven also has a pyrolytic function. Select this automatic mode for easy oven cleaning. At a high temperature of 500°C the deposits turn into a light ash which can be easily wiped away with a damp cloth once the oven is cool.

Additional Features

Multifunction Pyrolitic Oven Built-in

Power, precision and space: bring your gastronomic ideas to life

This oven exceeds your every expectation, with unparallaled functionality tht gives you the power to create outstanding dishes. Just add inspiration.

This oven has 17 professional functions:

  • 6 Bakery

  • 5 Pastry

  • 6 Roasting

Pyrolitic Cleaning Function

Save time and effort with the pyrolitic cleaning function. The inside of the oven locks itself and heats up to approximately 500°C, converting food residue to ash, which you simply wip away when it cools. 

Distinctive Features

A myriad of possibilities for a perfect all-around cooking experience.

Multilevel cooking

Thanks to this function, you can place dishes on three levels for evenly cooked food that is perfectly golden brown.

Soft Closing System

Thanks to the soft-close system, the door closes silently and softly every time with just a gentle touch.

PrintShield easy-to-clean

This technology allows for quick and easy cleaning, protecting appliances from fingertips and smudges, all ready for your next outstanding performance.

Cool Door

This function ensures the oven door temperature is always safe for you and your children to touch, no matter what you are preparing.

Included Accessories

Temperature Probe

It allows you to measure the exact core temperature of food during cooking and to switch off the oven automatically when the perfect temperature is reached.

Rotisserie spit

It ensures your meat is cooked to perfection. Excellent for cooking large joints as well as chicken.

Telescopic Guides

This oven comes with telescopic runners, making sliding food in and out of the cavity for tasting and seasoning even easier.

2 Grids and 2 Baking Trays

The grids will provide food with the correct air-circulation. The baking trays can be used as an all-purpose baking dish or to accommodate small portion ovenware.

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The Multifunction Pyrolitic Oven Built-in is also one of the appliances of the new KitchenAid Stainless Steel collection: pure stainless steel, brushed for a unique, warm effect, elegant and stylish.

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