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Combi Microwave Oven Built-In 45cm

Combi Microwave Oven Built-In 45cm
Combi Microwave Oven Built-In 45cm
Combi Microwave Oven Built-In 45cm
Combi Microwave Oven Built-In 45cm
Combi Microwave Oven Built-In 45cm
Combi Microwave Oven Built-In 45cm
Combi Microwave Oven Built-In 45cm

Combi Microwave Oven Built-In 45cm


AU $2,499.00

Combi Microwave Oven Built-In 45cm

A refined blend of design and innovation combines advanced technology, such as the Sensor Cooking technology that ensures precise results and unrivalled flavours, with a hard-wearing, professional design complete with easy-to-clean stainless steel finishes. With eight special functions (such as crisp, jet defrost and 30-second jet start) and four traditional functions (including forced air), the oven guarantees perfect, quick and even cooking while retaining all of the food’s original flavours and nutrients.

Additional Features

On your wavelength

Combi Microwave Oven Built-in

Equipped with a generous 40 cm rotating dish, it features 8 cooking functions, such as the Sensor Cooking that will guide you through the whole process from start to finish, ensuring unparalled results. Thanks to the Steam Cooking function and the special steam accessory it also allows you to cook heathily retaining all of the food’s original flavours and nutrients. To unleash your creativity it features also the Crisp and Grill functions.

KitchenAid unrivalled quality is reflected also in easy-to-clean stainless steel surfaces and solid, durable professional design.

3D System

KitchenAid uses an advanced and patented microwave distribution system that combines dual microwave emission with reflection. The complex microwave pattern saturates the cavity with microwave energy to fill the entire oven including the corners. The result is perfect, even and fast cooking every time.

Innovative Technology, Advanced Performance

Sensor Cooking

This unique technology makes microwave cooking even easier. Just select the food type on the Sensor Cooking menu and the smart sensors will do the rest, automatically adjusting the duration and power according to the moisture content and temperature of the food.

Prosteam Technology

By using the special steam accessory in combination with the lower emitter, you can heat just the water in the accessory to create steam that cooks your food without using any microwaves. This special steam function offers a wide range of opportunities to cook healthily and naturally with your microwave oven.

Crisp Technology

The exclusive Crisp Technology enables you to cook just like in a conventional oven or on a hob but 75% quicker thanks to the combination of three heating sources: microwaves, the special patented Crisp plate and the oven grill. Tasty treats like focaccia, shrimps and even French fries are always crisp and perfectly cooked.

Grill Function

The fast, even cooking ensured by the grill function means you can bake wonderfully golden brown sweet and savoury pies.

Included Accessories


To be used with all cooking methods. It collects the dripping juices and food particles that otherwise would stain and soil the interior of the oven.

Grill grid and Forced air grid

Grill grid is a high wire rack to use when grilling with Grill functions. Forced air grid is a low wire rack to put food on, at the right level to allow the air to circulate properly around the food when using the Forced Air function.

Plate cover

It’s used to cover food during cooking and reheating with microwaves only, and helps to reduce spattering, retain food moisture as well as reduce the time needed.

Crisp plate and handle

Place the food directly on the crisp plate and use the special handle to remove the plate from the oven.


Use the steamer with the strainer in place for foods such as fish, vegetables and potatoes. Use the steamer without the strainer in place for foods such as rice, pasta and white beans.

Baking tray

It's used when cooking in forced air for baking bread, pastries, cookies, sheet cakes and pizzas.


The Combi microwave oven built-it is one of the appliances of the new KitchenAid Stainless Steel collection: pure stainless steel, brushed for a unique, warm effect, elegant and stylish.

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