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  • Nov 20th 2015
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Let’s admit it – at least once in our lives, we all ask the same question: do I really need one of those appliances that promises to help absolute beginners, people who feel completely overwhelmed when faced with recipes more than 5 lines long and individuals with very little time to cook like a pro?

The answer isn’t the same for everyone, but if you’ve ever dreamed of making risotto without forgetting to stir it, if you love curry and you want to make one while you’re showering, or if you’ve simply decided to start making bread, tomato sauce, mayonnaise and marmalade at home even though you don’t know much about haute cuisine…well then, the answer is yes! It will help you tremendously. At least for 5 good reasons.

So now you are probably trying to imagine an appliance (available on the market) that can do everything for you (but in its own way)? Read below. We’re not talking about an all-in-one food processor that blends and homogenizes virtually all foods, but a “sous chef” who will perfectly prepare all your recipes according to your requirements so you can stop offering your guests the same indistinguishable flavours with the same flat consistency.

An appliance that can work on its own, leaving you free to create your own personal recipes using the Cook Processor in Manual or Automatic Cooking Mode.

But you’d be absolutely right to say that you have to try it to believe it. This is why we can give you 5 good reasons to buy one.

1. Save time

Thanks to its automatic cooking modes, once you learn how to use it according to your own tastes and preferences, the KitchenAid Cook Processor will let you multi-task in the kitchen at the touch of a button.

It will prepare a risotto while you set the table. It will make a soup and purée it to perfection while you’re taking a shower. It will knead and proof dough while you sleep… In short, it will help you in a big way. It will transform itself into an efficient kitchen assistant who never sleeps.

2. Perfect size and function for families

Thanks to the big 4.5L capacity bowl, which is signicantly larger than other "one pot" cooking appliances, you can prepare the week's meals with ease. Great for preparing meals in advance or feeding hungry families!

Another useful feature is the Keep Warm function. If your family is running to different time schedules, you can easily prepare a meal and keep it warm until ready to serve.

Of course, the beauty of the Cook Processor is that in one of the automatic modes you have the ability to set the meal cooking, and walk away - so you are free to spend your time on other things.

3. Expert cooking

The Cook Processor has 6 basic cooking modes that can be transformed into 6 expert hands to be employed according to your needs to:

  • Boil
  • Fry 
  • Stew 
  • Steam
  • Purée
  • Knead

You can prepare any recipe using a combination of these six modes. People who are not experts can follow the step-by-step instructions but those who want to experiment can let their imagination run wild…

Importantly, the Cook Processor offers superior results for caramelisation, creating deeper and more satisfying flavours - flavours which are often lacking when cooking in an all in one appliance.

4. Experiment with healthier eating 

Steaming and stewing: these are two types of cooking that can help you stay fit and are very easy to do. Thanks to steamer baskets supplied with the Cook Processor and the StirAssist accessory created by KitchenAid, you can manage stewing so that food is kept from sticking to the bottom of the bowl. While you’re busy doing something else, the Cook Processor does the cooking for you and helps you cut down on fat.

5. Dare to try out complicated recipes, with little effort required

The Cook Processor was invented for people who want to streamline their creativity in the kitchen, and get away from preparing "samey" recipes time and time again. The Cook Processor lets you dare to try out complex recipes with little or no effort. Here’s just a few examples: meat sauce for your tagliatelle, a chicken and vegetable curry like the one you tried at the Thai restaurant, and smooth spoon-desserts with no lumps. Béarnaise sauce for fillet…small touches that help you develop and expand your culinary repertoire without knocking yourself out.

A unique feature we hear a lot of positive feedback about is the inclusion of a second bowl - a Mini-Bowl with Mini-Blade. This make preparing smaller quantities a breeze.

6. Become a chef in your own kitchen

In your own kitchen you can experiment with all the automatic cooking modes, and manual mode, too, after you’ve acquired the hang of it (and the pleasure of using it!). Unlike other appliances, the Cook Processor lets you see what you’re doing, whether or not you use the see-through lid, and add, taste or change the recipe in any way you please. We believe that anyone can become a great chef and start entertaining with great dishes effortlessly. Let the Cook Processor chop the vegetables, brown the meat, knead and proof the bread, prepare the guacamole for hors d’oeuvres, and make the mayonnaise for the fish. Enjoy the satisfaction of sitting down at the table and saying, “Why yes, of course I made it myself”.

7. Easy cleaning

What's more, the Cook Processor cooking bowl and all attachments are dishwasher safe. Delicious meals and fast cleanup. Perfect.

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