• Feb 16th 2016
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KitchenAid has breakfast covered! Wake up and enjoy the simplicity of making coffee, tea and toast using an appliance from the extensive range of kettles, toasters and craft coffee appliances by KitchenAid.  Offered in a range of beautiful colours, KitchenAid appliances are all designed with function and form in mind. 

Perfect Toast, Every Time


Enjoy your favourite piece of toasted artisan bread in the morning, cooked perfectly and slathered with butter and jam thanks to the new KitchenAid 2-Slice Toaster and the KitchenAid 4-Slice Long Slot Toaster

The 4-Slice Toaster features long and extra wide 3.8cm slots, perfectly sized to accommodate everything from English muffins and crumpets to breakfast pastries and thickly-sliced artisan breads. 

For added convenience, both toaster models include an Extra Lift feature to easily remove smaller slices that can be hard to grasp when toasted.

A Peek & See mode allows for easy monitoring of toasting progress without stopping the toaster, while a handy Keep Warm Mode keeps food warm for up to three minutes after the toasting has ended. 

Beautiful in design and highly functional, these new toaster additions can be proudly displayed on the kitchen bench top.


A Kettle For Every Kitchen


Create the ultimate breakfast set by matching one of these stylish new toasters with an elegant KitchenAid Kettle - there are over 20 colour combinations available!  

If you like to start the day with a cup of tea, prepare your boiling water in an appliance that oozes style and sophistication with the NEW KitchenAid Artisan 1.25L Electric Kettle. Unpretentious, elegant and simple to use, this dome style kettle is the latest addition to the expanding range of KitchenAid kettles. Quick to boil, this kettle will ensure your morning hot beverage is in your hands in an instant.

Bring The Cafe To Your Benchtop

Looking to create a cafe style coffee in the comfort of your own home? Look no further than the new appliances in the craft coffee range.  The three new products: the Siphon Coffee Brewer, the Precision Press Coffee Maker and the Burr Grinder were inspired by the masterful technique and precision of cafe baristas: the expanded line of coffee makers offers a range of craft brewing methods celebrated within coffee culture.


Designed to deliver the bright, clean, crisp and vibrant taste of siphon coffee with the convenience of an automated home system, the KitchenAid Siphon Coffee Brewer reimagines the theatre of classic vacuum pot brewers. This is perfect for those who enjoy the clean flavour profile of filter-brewed coffee, plus the design is sure to become an impressive addition to your kitchen.


The KitchenAid Precision Press, a truly unique appliance, enhances the classic French press (or plunger) method of brewing with clever features to extract a rich and full bodied cup of French press coffee.  The KitchenAid Precision Press is equipped with an integrated scale and digital timer within the carafe to measure coffee and water by weight rather than volume, ensuring you have the ideal brewing time to produce an earthy, rich and flavourful coffee.


Each coffee brew method demands a specific grind size to extract the proper flavour. The KitchenAid Burr Grinder is the first step in creating a consistent cup of rich craft coffee, and an essential for the serious coffee aficionado.  With 15 grind sizes – from very fine espresso to course French press, adjustments are made with the easy-to-use grind control dial.

Nespresso by KitchenAid

Like your coffee with character and rich aroma? Nespresso by KitchenAid will delight all coffee lovers. The timeless and premium metal design, together with advanced and intuitive technology, provides the incomparable Nespresso experience. Perfect for those busy weekday mornings, and when you are on the go!

Still need some breakfast tips? Get back to basics with our guide to making delicious eggs and read our tips to making the perfect cup of tea!

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