• May 18th 2015
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The KitchenAid Recipe and Product App for iPad was first released in December 2013 as a mobile way to view recipes, products, stockists and find out about the latest KitchenAid news. The KitchenAid Recipe and Product App allowed the KitchenAid community increased mobility and the ability to use their iPads in the kitchen as an aid to their cooking adventures.

With technological changes, the KitchenAid website was upgraded in 2014 to a responsive design that allows greater accessibility of content. With the upgraded website, the content featured on the KitchenAid website became iPhone, iPad, Android tablet, Android phone, desktop and laptop friendly.  A simple search of kitchenaid.com.au in your web browser is all that is needed to access a wide range of tips, recipes, product information and KitchenAid news.

With the increased website accessibility, the KitchenAid Recipe and Product App will cease to be updated. The KitchenAid Recipe and Product App will no longer be available for download from the AppStore, however will remain installed on any devices it is currently installed on. As new iOS versions are released, the KitchenAid Recipe and Product App will not be updated. But no need to worry, all the information which was available on the app is easily accessible across all devices by using our website.

Keep a look out on the KitchenAid website for more video content, inspiring blog content, special offers and access to our ever-expanding range.

Please note - the KitchenAid Cook Processor App for iPhone, iPad, Android phone and Android tablet will continue to be updated regularly, with Cook Processor information also accessible via the dedicated Cook Processor site.

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