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  • May 6th 2015
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Bakeware in all shapes, sizes and forms - from plum cake to donuts

The precise, exacting process of baking allows hardly any wiggle room for trial and error. Unlike adapting a savory recipe to suit your particular taste, it’s crucial to follow bread, pastry, cookie, dough and pie recipes to a tee.

Coming up short on or exceeding ingredient quantities by just a tad can render all of your hard work for naught! However, getting the recipe right is just a small part of the baking process; adequate bakeware doesn’t only maximize your ingredients but also yields optimal baking results.

If you’re hosting a house party, brunch or dinner, the odds are pretty high that you’ll be baking something and the efficiency of KitchenAid bakeware helps to make your occasion a success. From bread to cookies to pies to muffins, the bakeware produces exemplary results comparable to what one would expect from a professional kitchen. 

The non-stick KitchenAid bakeware are made from aluminized steel and are corrosion resistant.  You’ll find pie pans with removable bottoms; cookie and baking sheets of various sizes; special pans for muffins and their miniature counterparts as well as those for bread loaves, donuts, and more.

For anyone preparing dishes that fall more on the savoury side, the roasting pan is perfect for lasagna, meat and vegetable while the thin crust pizza pie pan also allows you to make focaccia and quiches.

One of the most gratifying perks of KitchenAid bakeware? It’s all dishwasher durable so no elbow grease necessary to make sure you’ve cleaned every last remaining bit. Just place the items in the dishwasher and they’re as good as new the next time around!

KitchenAid quality and reliability

Whether you’re baking a cherry pie, banana bread or margherita pizza, KitchenAid bakeware allows you to up your kitchen ante thanks to its quality and reliability, minimizing the stress that goes into the party planning as a whole.

Of course there are different ways one can gauge success of cooking for a group of people, but there’s nothing more gratifying than for a host to smile and proudly reply “I made it myself” when a guest comments, “This is delicious! Where did you buy it?”.

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