All of the recipes featured below, and many more updated regularly, are available to browse via the Cook Processor site and apps (downloadable here)

With the ability to boil, fry, steam, stew, knead, chop, mince, puree, mix, emulsify, whip and stir, all at the touch of a button, it’s easy to see why the KitchenAid Cook Processor will become a firm fixture in your daily cooking routine. Even if you’re a kitchen novice, the Cook Processor’s preprogrammed modes will guide you through the entire process with ease.


Breakfast is the most important, but often the most rushed meal of the day. For the time poor, start your morning with a pair of protein packed boiled eggs. Boiling an egg in the Cook Processor is a two step set and forget function, perfect for those who are juggling busy mornings but still want to start their day well.

For a treat, if banana bread is more your thing, try this delicious Banana Bread served with fresh ricotta and honey, or for something more traditional, prepare a Multi Grain Bread Loaf and homemade Peanut Butter or Strawberry Jam.

The beauty of making your own spreads is that you know exactly what goes into them. Both the Peanut Butter and Strawberry and Ginger Jam recipes also come with some easy variations to keep your taste buds excited!

For those leisurely weekend mornings, indulge in a dish of Coconut Rice Pudding with Palm Sugar and Tropical Fruit. An easy but delicious meal to prepare, enjoy reading the paper whist the Stir Assist function does all the hard work for you!




A wholesome Pumpkin, Tomato & Red Lentil Soup is a hearty and warming option for the cooler months. Incredibly easy to create, this soup can be prepared all in one pot, making clean up a dream. Using the 4.5 Litre bowl means that you can make a large portion and freeze the leftovers for later.

In the warmer months, the Summer Tomato Tart is a lovely lunchtime meal simply bursting with fresh flavours. Both the delicious parmesan, cherry tomato and fresh basil filling, and the pastry dough are made from scratch with the Cook Processor, then baked together in the oven. Any leftovers make an ideal packed lunch.

If you enjoy a lighter salad option at lunchtime, the gourmet Sumac Prawns with Turkish Salad is ready to enjoy in just 20 minutes. With green prawns, pomegranate, tomatoes, cucumber and a wonderful mix of spices this refreshing salad is satisfying and flavoursome.


The KitchenAid Cook Processor helps you prepare a huge variety of evening meals that the whole family can enjoy. Please even the fussiest eater with everything from Thai Cashew Chicken Stir Fry to Fresh Gnocchi or Thai Green Curry.

The Salmon En Papillotte (Salmon Parcels) is a favourite dinnertime recipe for the busy family, taking just 15 minutes to prepare and cook. Simply place the MultiBlade in the bowl to chop your carrot, courgette, ginger and celery, then put aside. Make four baking paper parcels, add your vegetables, fish and sauce then place in the steamer basket. Press STEAM P1 and your meal will be ready in a matter of minutes!

When it comes to the kids, we’ve got you covered! The little ones will delight in homemade nutritious baby food in combinations such as Fruity Quinoa PureeBroccoli & Zucchini Puree or tasty Lamb Cous Cous. For the older children Penne Bolognese is a sure fire favourite, as are the delicious Hoisin Pork in Lettuce Cups or Spiced Lamb with Hummus




After a big day of work its time to treat yourself to something sweet! There are a variety of desserts that the Cook Processor can create. With six simple ingredients and twenty five minutes you have a decadent Chocolate Fondant. Berry & Cranberry Popsicles make for a sweet and refreshing summer time treat for the whole family. Entertaining and looking to impress your guests? The beautiful Strawberry Chilli Panna Cotta is sure to impress and with a total preparation and cooking time of 9 minutes, it means that you can enjoy your company without being stuck in the kitchen!

Or for a truly indulgent dessert to end the perfect evening, these Chocolate Brownies in Raspberry Sauce are simply amazing.