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  • Apr 23rd 2015
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How do you collect recipes? Do you have a favourite chocolate cake recipe stained in batter from many past bakes? Are you super-organised with a filing system or are magazine clippings stuffed in that ‘mystery drawer’ in your kitchen?

Well, we’ve pulled together 5 different but great ways you can bring some order to your best-loved dishes.

Index cards

An oldie but a goodie - organise index cards by category such as brunch, special occasion, kids lunches and family favourites. Each card can have the recipe name, a brief description and the book/magazine’s name where it’s found with a page number. This way you can display your beautiful cookbooks without post-it notes poking out and very quickly find what recipe you’re looking for.

Scrapbook / Binder & Pockets

Another classic. Whether a functional binder with plastic pockets organised by recipe type or a beautifully curated scrapbook, both methods mean you can keep all your favourites in one spot. If you like the scrapbook idea, why not get creative by including images, notes or photos from a time you cooked a dish for loved ones. These make great family heirlooms and you know they’ll always have Gran’s Pumpkin Scones ready to go alongside a photo of her with the grandkids.

Recipe Organiser

If you’re less fussy about designing your own recipe book, why not use a ready-made one. Kikki-k’s Recipe Organiser is a great example. It lets you customise the tab dividers with stickers to suit your lifestyle and use the handy prompter sheets to plan, sort and organise in style. You can even index your favourite recipes so you know where you can find them, plan out your week with the Meal Planner and record recipes on the Recipe Insert Sheets.


Moving online, a firm favourite of ours is myfoodbook. Of course we’re a little biased as it features some of KitchenAid’s recipes but it’s beautifully designed, intuitive and best of all you get to create your own personalised digital cookbooks to collect recipes from top food brands and chefs, all combined with your own ideas. Why not check out their latest cookbook for Mother’s Day – it’s full of fantastic recipes to spoil her.

Evernote Food

If you love exploring the web to find recipe inspiration, then Evernote Food could be for you. Evernote Food helps you remember the food you love. From finding great new restaurants to documenting how to make family recipes, Evernote Food gives you one place to discover, collect, and remember your life’s memorable moments in food. It’s a fantastic way to clip and collect recipes from your favourite bloggers too.

We’d love to know how you collect and keep your recipes. Do you have a fantastic method?

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